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WHEN  ARTISSPEAKING When you look around you, take a deep breath and try to visualise and wonder about every single thing in your life. You figure out that everything is made of beauty, creativity, art. (Well, not everything but if you are a positive person you can see beauty everywhere) Imagine your life without your favourite colour; your favourite music; your favourite computer game without graphics; that graffiti on the streets wall… honestly I can’t imagine my life without here you can say that Earth without art is just eh! So this seems to be impossible, you can’t ignore the existence of art in your life. You was born in this life to do something, don’t waste your time doing nothing; create and share you was created to create. Actually, some people are worried about taking risks .but, to live a creative life; we must lose our fear of being wrong.
Creative people 1-Are easily bored 2- Willing to take risks 3-Don’t like rules 4-Ask what if 5-Make a lot of mistakes 6-Collabora…

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